They go to the carnival that is in town. The guy asks her, what’s the first thing you want to do? She says to get weighed. He’s says alright let’s go, takes her to the carny that that will guess her weight. The carny guesses 108lbs, she says he’s wrong that she’s 112lbs. So she gets to pick out a stuffy. So the guy asks her, now what would you like to do? She replies, get weighed. He thinks to himself that’s odd but ok, proceeds to take her to the weigh booth again. The carny guesses her weight at 112lbs. No stuffy for her. He then asks her, now what do you want do? She replies again, get weighed. He figures this chick is crazy and this date is going no where so he calls it a night, drives her home and tells her this just won’t work. The girl walks into her apartment and her roommate asks her, how did the date go? She replies, “wousy.”