Once upon a time, there were these twin brother’s named John and Bill Jones. John was happily married to a beautiful woman and bill was the proud owner of a dilapidated rowboat.

One day, John’s wife up and died, and on that same day, Bill’s boat sank. A couple of day’s later, and old lady walks up to Bill thinking he was John and said, ” Mr. Jones, I am so sorry for your loss. You must be really sad.”

To this Bill replied,” I’m not the least bit sorry. She was a rotten thing right from the start. She had a crack in the back, a pretty big hole in the front, and she smelled of dead fish.

I got so I could handle her okay, but if I let anyone else use her, she would leak like anything. The hole in front kept getting bigger and bigger, and she would take on water pretty quick.

But this is what finished her. Four guys from out of town were looking for a good time, and asked me if I would rent her out to them. I told them what she was like, but they didn’t care. The problem was, they all tried to get into her at once, and that caused her to split right up the middle.”
The old lady fainted on the spot. Any wonder!