The turtle wanted to see an erotic movie once in his life.

But the box office wouldn’t let her in, so she sat down in front of the cinema and started crying.

A young man walked by and asked the turtle what was wrong. She explained what had happened and the man suggested that he could hide her in his pants if the turtle would buy him a ticket. He would then unzip his trousers at the cinema and she could watch the erotic film.

The turtle agreed.

A young couple was sitting next to the two in the cinema. The girl kept looking at the young man, whereupon her boyfriend angrily asked what she was watching all the time.

She replied, “Look, he has IT outside!!!”

Her boyfriend said, “So what? What does it matter that he has IT outside, I have IT outside too!”

She: “Yes, I know! But yours doesn’t eat popcorn!”