A young man walks into a bar…
and notices a an unfamiliar patron sitting in the corner. This person looks completely normal, except that he has an extremely large, bright orange, spherical head. The young man asks the bartender,

“Do you know that fellow over there?”

“Oh, him? Yeah, that’s Andy.”

“What on earth is wrong with his head? I’ve never seen a deformity or illness that would cause such a thing.”

“It’s quite the story. If you buy him a drink, he’ll tell you.”

So the young man purchases two drinks, and walks over to the corner table. The orange-headed man, noticing him approaching, nods and says, “So, I guess you want to hear my story, huh?”

The young man nods his head, sets the drinks on the table, and sits. After a long pause, the orange-headed man begins:

“It was nearly ten years ago to this day. I was walking on the beach in the early morning, and I stumbled across an odd lamp poking out from under the sand. I brushed it off, and to my amazement, an enormous cloud of fog began to pour from the opening. From the fog emerged a magnificent genie, adorned in fantastic jewels and metals I’ve never before seen. The genie told me that I had three wishes which would be granted to me for freeing him from his prison.

For my first wish, I asked for an infinite fortune, which was instantly granted, my wallet filled with magical cards to purchase anything I’d ever want.

For my second wish, I wished for a beautiful pride who would love me forever. At that moment, the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on emerged from the water, and we were instantly married in a profound bliss.”

The man paused, and then continued,

“For my third wish… and here is where I may have went wrong…”

He pauses thoughtfully, and then continues again,

“For my third wish, I wished for a big orange head.”