It is a lady who buys a wardrobe kit from a well-known Swedish furniture dealer. As her husband often tells her about her handyman skills, she decides to ride it alone like a grown-up.

She comes home, unpacks everything, reads the instructions and finds it difficult to understand (everyone has already had to deal with these cursed instructions in 40 languages…).

Despite everything, she still manages, and the result is honorable. However, here is it not that a bus passes in the street, and causes some vibrations which are enough to make collapse the beautiful building.

Good, so she starts again with more application, but, in the end, the bus passes again and everything collapses.

Never two without three?… Well then. She calls Monsieur Ikea who tells her that he is coming to give her a hand.

– Good morning ma’am, what’s the problem? Let me help you, little lady, he said smugly.

In two steps, the cabinet is assembled.
“Well, there you are, my little lady. It wasn’t complicated.

But the bus passes… and BADABOUM again.

There, the guy’s pride takes a hit. He then decides to enter the cupboard to see which room gives way when the bus arrives. At this moment, of course, the husband arrives.

– Here, did you buy a new wardrobe?

He opens the door, finds the guy from Ikea who replies:
– You will never believe me, but I am waiting for the bus…