A company decides to change the management style and hires a new CEO. The latter is determined to make changes to make the company more productive.

On the first day, he makes an inspection of the company, accompanied by his main collaborators. He notices that everyone is working except for a young man who is leaning against the wall, his hands in his pockets.

The manager sees this as an opportunity to make the workers understand his philosophy of work. He asks the young man:
– How much do you earn per month?
– 600 euros, sir, why? answers the young man without understanding.

The director hands him 600 euros and says:
“Here is your salary for this month. Now disappear and never set foot in this company again.

The young man puts the money in his pocket and carries out the director’s order. The director, proud of himself, asks a group of workers:
“Can someone tell me what this young man was doing?”
– Yes, sir – one of them answers surprised – he came to deliver a pizza…