When he was 10 years old, a boy went on a cross country trip with his family.

They had seen the Grand Canyon and the world’s largest ball of string and today they were going to see the man with the best memory in the world. The man was Native American, and he entertained visitors at his home in Arizona.

The boy was very intrigued but struggled with how to test the man’s memory. When he met the man all the boy could think to ask was “What did you have for breakfast on my birthday, April 2, 1950. The Indian man quickly answered “Eggs”.

The boy walked away disappointed in himself at not asking a better question, but it was time to go. The boy vowed to return, and he did, 10 years later. In the meantime, the boy had become fascinated with Native American culture, even learning a little of the language. So upon meeting the man for the second time the boy greeted the man with a traditional greeting in his language – “How” (remember, it was 1970).

“Scrambled” said the Indian.