A hard working man puts in overtime all week and is so tired all he wants to do for the weekend is sleep.

He comes home friday and plops down on the couch and starts to doze off. His wife comes in, nudges him and says, “Honey my car won’t start, will you take a look at it ?” The husband says, “Who do I look like, Mr. Goodwrench ? Take my truck.”

He’s sound asleep Saturday morning when his wife comes in and wakes him up. “Honey the dishwasher won’t start. Can you take a look at it ?” The husband is a little upset due to being woke up on his day off. He says to her, ” Who do I look like, the Maytag Man ?”

Sunday the husband is laying on the couch watching football when his wife yells from the kitchen, “Honey are you ever gonna paint these kitchen cabinets?” The husband yelled back, ” Who do I look like Sherwin Williams ?”

The next day he comes home from work and sees the car has been moved. He walks into the kitchen and notices the dishwasher is running and the cabinets have been painted. His wife walks in so he asks her ” Who did all this work around here ?” His wife answers “It was Bob from across the street.” The husband says, That lazy son of a bitch ! How much did he charge us ? ” The wife answered, “Not a dime. He said I could either bake him a cake or give him a bl*wjob.” The husband laughed and asked her, What kind of cake did you bake ?” The wife replied, ” Who do I look like, Betty Crocker ?”