Put the swearing parrot in the fridge for 10 minutes.
That’s what my friend said. The parrot speaks pretty good English but it talks in full sentences and you can have a real conversation. But it swears. My god he swears all the time. Don’t know who or where he got it from. Anyway my mate says he’s seen a solution for this. Tell the parrot he has to stop swearing. If he doesn’t stop, put him in the fridge for 10 minutes.
So the parrot thinks I’m joking, keeps on swearing so I realise there’s no option, I have to do it. Parrot in the fridge, door slammed shut. Ten minutes later I open the door, take the parrot out. He says, “ok, ok, I’m sorry! I’ll never swear again.”. True to his word, all evening the parrots behaviour is fantastic. But after a while it’s obvious the parrot is terrified of something. “You ok?” I ask. The parrot replies, “I’m so sorry. I’ll never swear again. But I have to ask… What did the chicken say to you?”