Politicians go visit a school

High ranking politicians visit a school. The top one goes over the expenses and decides to make adjustments to cut costs.
“The lunch portions are too big. Cut them in half. Internet connection too fast. Too many computers.”

After that, they go to a preschool. Again, the expenses are too great.
“The lunch portions are too big. Reduce them to half. Too many toys around.”

After the preschool, they go to a prison.
“The lunch portions are too small and the selection is too limited. Get faster broadband and more comfortable beds. TVs are too old. Get a few consoles as well.”

One of them asks the leader, baffled:
\- Are you mad? We just cut costs in schools and prechools, and now you do this?
\- My friend! We will never go to school or preschool again. But we can still easily end up here…