A salesperson calls a home and the phone is answered by a softly spoken little girl, so quiet she’s hard to hear.
“Hello little girl, can I speak with your mommy?”
“No. She’s busy”.

“Sorry? Did you say she’s busy? Well could I speak with your daddy?”
“No. He’s busy too”.

“Is there anyone else there?”
“Yes, my aunty and uncle”.
“Could I speak with one of them?”
“No. They’re busy”.

“Oh. Do you have a big brother or sister?”
“Yes. A reely big brother.”
“Could I speak with him? Or is he busy too?”
“Yes, he’s with all our neighbours talking to the police people.”

“The police! What the?! Can I speak with them?”
“No they is way too busy.”

“Are there any other grown ups?”
“Yes, there’s the fire department.”
“The fire department!”
“Yes and the TV woman and all the cameras. Our house is on the television.”

“Good grief! I hope that you’re safe and well.”
“Yes. I’m hiding under the table.”

“Good. But why are all those people there? Is there a fire? An earthquake? A riot? A car crash?”

“No you silly. They is all looking for me!”