A priest and a nun were out playing golf one day. They get to about hole 5 when the priest has a 10 ft putt for par. He lines up his putt but misses and yells out “Damnit! I missed!” The nun looks flabbergasted and says “Father, you know you shouldn’t be using foul language like that!” The priest says “I know I know, I’m sorry.. it won’t happen again.”
They get to hole 12 and this time the priest has a 5 ft putt for par.. he lines up his putt but again he misses and he yells out “Damnit! I missed!” And once again the nun let’s him have it… “Father, that’s twice now you’ve used foul language and you know you shouldn’t have…you know how it works.. 3 strikes and you’re out!” The priest again apologizes and says “I know I know, it won’t happen again!”
They get to the last hole and the priest has a 3 foot putt for birdie. He lines up his putt but misses and he yells out again “Damnit! I missed!” The nun just starts laying into him… screaming at him about his language. As she’s doing this… the clouds get dark overhead and a storm forms right over the green and a bolt of lightning shoots down and strikes the nun dead and a loud thunderous voice from the heavens yells out…“Damnit! I missed!”