It is a police inspector who gives a job interview to three blondes in order to find the next inspector.

He looks at the first blonde with spite and shows her a photo.
– He’s a suspect, take a good look at his photo for 30 seconds and tell me how you would recognize him on the street?

The blonde replies:
– Easy, he only has one ear.

The inspector’s face falls:
– Normal that he only has one ear, the photo is in profile.

He now turns to the second blonde and shows her the same photo.
– Easy, he only has one eye.

The policeman begins to get angry:
– Normal that he has only one eye and one ear he is in profile.

He turns to the third blonde and says:
– Think twice before saying something stupid. How would you recognize the suspect?

The slightly panicked blonde thinks before launching a:
– Easy, he wears contact lenses.

The police officer was not aware of this clue and therefore rushed to see the file and verify the information.
The suspect was indeed wearing contact lenses.
He goes back to the blonde, very surprised and asks her
“How did you know he wore contact lenses?”

– Easy with one eye and one ear he couldn’t wear glasses.