A guy walks into a bar with a giraffe and they sit down on two stools at the front and the guy says to the barman ” two beers please barman”, the barman pours them two beers and the giraffe grabs his and drinks it down in one go and then the guy follows suit. The guy then says again “another two beers please barman” and the barman pours two more beers and once again the giraffe sculls his down and the guy does likewise. This goes on for a fair while with the giraffe and the guy sculling beer after beer after beer. The two have had about 17 beers each and then the guy looks over at the giraffe who is starting to wobble on his stool……his wobbling gets worse and worse and eventually he just passes out and falls backwards off the stool onto the floor……the guy looks at him and then gets up off his stool and starts walking out of the bar. The barman then yells at the guy as he is leaving “HEY!…you can’t leave that lyin’ there” and the guy looks at the giraffe and then replies “that’s not a lion that’s a giraffe” and walks out.