It’s Ginette and two friends, Josette and Monique, who have a serious car accident. They find themselves in front of St Pierre who questions them:
– Tell me Monique: has your life been righteous, have you done good?
– Yes answers Monique. All my life I have taken care of my sick parents. I could not marry: I am a virgin and I died as a saint.
– It’s good ! Here is the key that will open the door to Paradise
The same goes for Monique who loved and remained faithful to her husband by also being an exemplary mother.
It’s Ginette’s turn.
“And you, Ginette?”
The problem is that in front of St Pierre, it is impossible to lie:
– On my wedding night, I cheated on my husband with a groomsman: he was so handsome. Then our neighbor was so charming: I couldn’t resist! Then all my life, I have only met enterprising men who made love to me so well! As my husband got sick, I took the opportunity to continue. I had so much fun: two, three, four men in my bed!
– I see ! answers St Pierre, take this key!
– What is it ? asks Ginette, trembling with fear, seeing clearly that it is not the same key as that of her two friends
St Pierre :
“It’s the key of my room!”