A man brings his dog into a talent agency. He says he’s got a real talented dog. Figuring that this won’t cut into lunch, the agent agrees to see the dog’s tricks. First, the man puts out some number blocks and asks the dog “what’s two times two?” The dog dutifully paws the number four block.

The man then asks, slightly louder, “What’s two Plus two?” Once again, the dog paws the number four. From under the man’s hat comes a piece of 24 grit sandpaper, and it gets laid before the dog. “Describe the sandpaper.”

Dog goes “ruff.”

The man then asks “what goes on top of a house?” Dog goes “roff.” For the first time since starting the act, the man looks at the talent agent and sees that he’s losing her. So he decides to skip to the big finale.

“Who was the greatest 1927 Yankee in the left field position?!”

The dog pauses a good while, lips drawn back, panting heavily. Finally, the dog goes “Meusal wasn’t even as good as Earl Combs!”