An Irishman walks into a bar, and orders three pints, all at once.

He does this for several days, drinking one, and then the next one, and then the last one. After a week or two, the bartender says
“You know, I can bring you your drinks one at a time, so they stay fresh and cold”
“No, no” the Irishman says to the bartender “I have two brothers. One is on the oil rigs, the other is on the high seas. We made a deal that whenever we have a drink, we’ll all have three pints at once like this, so it’s like we’re still drinking together”
“Thats actually really touching, Sir,” the bartender smiles and brings him his three drinks. For five months, he comes in every day and orders three pints, until one day he walked in and ordered two.
The bartender was chilled, and got him his two beers. For the next couple of days, people would send flowers and cards as condolences. Finally, he comes in and orders two drinks, and he says to the bartender,
“I don’t get it, man. People keep sending me cards and flowers. Did they invent a new holiday?”
“Nono,” the bartender replied, “You’ve only been ordering two beers”
“And? The Irishman sips one of his beers, confused.
“Well who did we lose good sir,” the bartender asked, “The lovely fellow on the rigs or the chap on the high seas?”
“Neither,” the Irishman replied,
“I told me wife I’d stop drinking”