A guy gets pulled over for speeding

The cop comes up to his car, the guy rolls his window down

The cop says “can I see your license and registration?”

The guy responds, “well the thing is officer, my registration is in my glove box. But also in my glove box is a loaded pistol that I just used to kill a woman who’s body is currently in the trunk of my car”

The cop draws his weapon and radios for backup

Three additional squad cars and the police chief are there within 10 minutes

The chief approaches the car and says “excuse me sir, but we need to search your car”

The guy calmly agrees, gets out and let’s them search

They find no gun in the glove box and no body in the trunk

The police chief approaches the man and says “I apologize about all of this, but my officer informed me that you claimed to have a loaded gun in your glove box and a dead woman’s body in your trunk”

The man says “yeah? And I bet that liar claimed I was speeding too!”