A man had a cattle ranch that he ran with his two daughters.

One day their only bull went crazy, broke through the fence and killed the man. The bull was injured and was attacking everything and everyone in sight. The daughters had to put him down. They needed a new bull, but they only had $1000 in cash. So one daughter decided to go to town and see if she could purchase a new bull for less than $1000. She told the other sister that if she was successful, she would send a telegram to bring the truck and pick it up. She found a perfect young bull for $995, paid for it and headed to the telegram office.

The telegram operator greeted her.

Hi, Sally, how’s your sister? What’s her name?

Bambi, replied Sally. And she’s, you know, the same as always.

What can I do for you?

Sally explained that she needed to send a telegram, and she only had $5.

Well telegrams are $5 per word. But no problem, just send her the work “comfortable”.

How’s that going to tell my sister to come?

She’s blonde, right? She reads slowly, so she’ll see “come-for-da-bull”