A ship’s captain out at sea notices smoke on the horizon…

…he orders the ship to head towards the smoke. As the ship gets closer to the source of the smoke, the captain can see through his binoculars a deserted island with three huts and a man waving his arms to be rescued.

The ship sends a small boat to the island which returns with the man grateful for being rescued. The captain meets with this man to ask if there are any other people on the island. The man says that it’s just been him alone on the island for the last two years, and everyday he prayed to be rescued.

The captain was a bit puzzled as to why there were three huts on the island if the man was alone, so he asked about the three huts.

“Well…” Says the man. “That first hut is my home, it’s where I lived the last two years. That second hut. That’s my church. I went there everyday to pray. That third hut, well that’s the church I used to go to.”