A guy was going on vacation and didn’t have anyone to take care of his beloved cat
So he had to leave her with his notoriously irresponsible friend. The very first day the friend left the door open and Muffin ran out and and got hit by a car and killed.
The guy called his friend the next day to see how Muffin was doing and he said “Oh, sorry, the cat’s dead. Got hit by a car”.
The guy was heartbroken and furious with his friend “Jesus! You know I loved that cat! Couldn’t you be a little more understanding?” “Like how?” his friend replied. “Well, I don’t know! You could have broke the news to me with a little more empathy and not just blasted me with it like that! Like you could have said today when I called, ‘ Joe I’m really sorry, Muffin climbed up on the roof and I can’t get her to come down’. Then tomorrow something like ‘Oh, Joe, Muffin fell off the roof and she’s at the hospital’ then maybe the next day ‘I’m so sorry Joe, Muffin passed away.’ That way it wouldn’t be such a shock!”
“Oh, I get it.” the friend said. “Sorry.”
“And Joe, I have some other bad news for you. Um…, your grandmother climbed up on the roof and I can’t get her to come down”.