Three-legged Chicken

One day, while driving in the countryside, a salesman saw a chicken running alongside his car. He appeared to have three legs. And he was fast. The traveler sped up to fifty miles per hour, and the chicken stayed right with him. At eighty he was still there, jogging his little heart out, staring at the driver with a smirk on his beak. The motorist decided to stop and take a closer look when all of a sudden the chicken darted into a farm driveway and disappeared. He slammed on his brakes and backed up. As he drove up to the farmhouse, an old man walked out with his wife and teenage son.

“Hey, have y’all seen a three-legged chicken around here?”

“Sure,” the farmer said. “That’s my chicken.”

“Really? How’d he get three legs? He’s really fast on his feet!”

The old man spat into the dirt. “My wife and son and I live here alone. We don’t have much to eat but we all love fried chicken, es-pecially the drumsticks. I finally decided to develop a new breed of chicken with three legs, so we could each have a drumstick from only one chicken.”

“Amazing! How do they taste?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “We haven’t been able to catch him yet.”