There are no fish under the ice!

That same day, a blonde wanted to go ice fishing after reading books on it. As it was her winter break, it was the perfect time for her to go ice fishing, and so she decided to book a trip to make it happen.

When she was ready to leave, she gathered her equipment to go fishing in the cold. Once she got to the frozen lake, she put her stool on the ground and cut through the ice in front of her.

After preparing her equipment, she submerged her fish hook underwater. Suddenly, a loud voice said out of nowhere: “There are no fish under the ice!” This scared the blonde, but she decided to dig the same ice hole some more.

Again, she heard the same voice saying the same advice. Again, she moved to another place before cutting into the ice. After a while, the voice yet again repeated the same words. This time, she looked up at the sky.

She wondered if it was a heavenly being speaking to her, so she decided to call out to the sky. “Is that you, God?” she asked. Right after she said that, the deep voice replied: “No, this is the ice rink manager.”