I should not have trusted that monkey

A dog accidentally strays into the jungle. A lion sees the dog and thinks to himself, “I have never seen his kind before. Bet he will make a tasty morsel.”

As the lion approaches the dog, the mongrel sees some bones next to a tree. Chewing one of the bones, he loudly exclaims, “That was some good lion meat.”
Hearing this, the lion stops dead in his track and quietly slinks away. A monkey, sitting on a tree top nearby, sees the whole exchange. Wishing to get on the good side of the king of the jungle, the monkey narrates the whole situation to the lion.

The lion and the monkey rush back to the spot where the dog was last seen. Seeing the monkey with the lion, the dog immediately understands what happened. Instead of panicking, he paces back and forth, loudly exclaiming, “I should not have trusted that monkey. It has been over an hour and he has still not got me another lion.”