A koala bear

A koala bear from Australia took a holiday in London to experience a different culture. After arriving at Heathrow and getting settled in at his hotel, the koala bear decided to take a walk. After touring Soho for a few hours he noticed several women on the side of the street strutting their stuff.

The koala bear approached one of them and asked, “What are you doing?”

The woman replied, “I’m a prostitute. Are you looking for a good time?”

The koala bear immediately replied that he was.

“Do you want sex?” the prostitute asked.

“Well, I think so, I did come here to live the true London experience,” said the bear, with a grin on his face.

The prostitute grabbed the bear’s hand and directed him to her dingy flat, where they had sex. Soon after, the koala bear got out of bed and headed for the door.

The prostitute shouted, “Where do you think you’re going?”

The bear told her that he was done and it was time for him to go. “I’m a prostitute. You have to pay me!” she protested.

The bear said with disgust, “Since when do I have to pay for sex?”

The prostitute replied, “Everyone I have sex with has to pay. It’s in the dictionary, look it up.” The koala bear agreed to pull out a dictionary from one of her shelves to look up the word “prostitute”. It said: “A woman who has sex in exchange for money.”

The koala bear then remarked, “Okay, to make it even, why don’t you look up the word koala bear?”

The prostitute grabbed the dictionary and looked up “koala bear”. The bear said, “Go ahead, read it aloud!”

The prostitute read the definition out loud: “An Australian animal that eats bush and leaves.”